REPOST – Season Of The Witch (Shades Below, #1.5): TEASER #0.1

(Originally posted 3.25.15) The next book in Shades Below is officially underway! Here's a peek, then off to the writing cave for me... It was not accustomed to being summoned. The night began like any other, not that it normally had much use for mundane notions of time. All nights bled together in the dark …


REPOST – Wake Me Up In San Francisco

"One day if I go to heaven...I’ll look around and say “It ain’t bad, but it ain’t San Francisco”.  -Herb Caen You ever get the feeling some places are just, well, magic? Chicago in the summertime, when all the glorious concrete cracks are showing and nobody cares. New Orleans in late afternoon, when it's so …


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