Book #1: A World Apart


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When the lights go down in the city… the monsters go out to play.

Jesper MacMillian is a detective with a past.

Following a long recovery after a horrific accident, his life is finally the way he wants it- or at least, close enough. The only monsters on his radar are the ones that keep him awake at night. When a grief-stricken couple begs him to find their lost son, it seems like just another day at the office.

Lena Alan is your friendly neighborhood medium.

She sees ghosts. She talks to ghosts. When necessary, she stands between them and the world of the living. San Francisco has more than enough ghosts to keep her busy, but a shocking visitation puts her on a collision course with MacMillian and his newest case.

Before MacMillian can brace for impact, Lena drags him into a world where monsters aren’t just real, they’re hiding in plain sight. A deadly threat is lurking in San Francisco’s dangerous underground, and it will take both of them to put down.

It’s magic meets mundane, and when the smoke clears, neither Lena nor MacMillian will ever be the same.


“I haven’t read a book this well written in a long while.” Romance Authors That Rock

“The characters are real and gritty. Throw in the paranormal aspect with ghosts and BAM! It’s fantastic!” -Dowie’s Place

“Some great run arounds and scary ghostly possessions. With a side of zombie! I can’t wait for book two.” -Happy Tails And Tales Blog

“…ghosts, witches, and necromancers mixed with private investigation and a little romance.” -Books That Hook



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