Book #1: A World Apart

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There are things that go bump in the night. Are you ready to bump back?

San Francisco’s homeless residents are disappearing… and an epidemic of ghosts is rising in their place.

Lena Alan is your friendly neighborhood medium.

Most of her job involves convincing half-baked ex-hippies the sound in their attic is a problem for pest control, but a shocking visitation kicks off a case that’s anything but business-as-usual. In the dangerous and derelict Tenderloin district, people are disappearing from street corners and SRO’s… and no one is asking why.

Together with private detective Jesper MacMillian, Lena discovers a deadly threat stalking San Francisco’s shadowy underbelly, and is forced to confront some shadows of her own.

Can she discover who’s behind the disappearances before it’s too late?

Once she faces down the source of the evil, will the shadows ever let her go?

Magic meets mundane. When the smoke clears, neither Lena nor MacMillian will ever be the same.


“I haven’t read a book this well written in a long while.” Romance Authors That Rock

“The characters are real and gritty. Throw in the paranormal aspect with ghosts and BAM! It’s fantastic!” -Dowie’s Place

“Some great run arounds and scary ghostly possessions. With a side of zombie! I can’t wait for book two.” -Happy Tails And Tales Blog

“…ghosts, witches, and necromancers mixed with private investigation and a little romance.” -Books That Hook



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