Every book deserves a soundtrack.

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1. Enter Sandman– SHEL
2. Come As You Are– Masha
3. Romany Dagger– All Them Witches
4. White Rabbit– Jefferson Airplane
5. Welcome To My World– Depeche Mode
6. This Town– Firewater
7. Clap Hands– Tom Waits
8. All The Lost Souls Welcome You To San Francisco– American Music Club
9. Ghost You Know– Lauren Hoffman
10. Welcome to My Nightmare– Alice Cooper
11. Phantom Limb– Alice In Chains
12. Three Legged Dog– Firewater
13. Don’t Stand so Close to Me– Denmark + Winter
14. It Will Come Back– Hozier
15. In Darkness We Trust– Deadly Circus Fire
16. Drag The River– Kate Mann
17. Adam Raised a Cain– Murder By Death
18. Your Heart To Haunt– Glossary
19. The Devil Within– Digital Daggers
20. Death Walks Behind You– Atomic Rooster

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