Book #2: The Devil’s Disease

“At a time when vampire stories seem to be ‘à la mode’, Laura Oliva delivers a thrilling book describing a dark world infused with pervasive sexual tension, yet one that at the same time seems all too normal and familiar.”
– Amazon reviewer

“…A tip of the hat is warranted for adding a new take to vampire culture that really makes sense.”
-Amazon reviewer

“The writing in this book is as flawless as in book one, proving that this author is no fluke.”
– Independent reviewer

In the city by the Bay, things are about to get bloody…

Psychic medium Lena Alan always sticks to what she knows, and what she knows are dead people. When her brother Cyrus agrees to look into a troubling incident for local vampire Seneca Lynch, Lena finds herself in unfamiliar territory.

One thing is clear: she needs a detective, and there’s only one she trusts.

Private investigator Jesper MacMillian is ready to get back to business. Between his duties as leader of the city’s Romani community and the stack of unfinished paperwork on his desk, he doesn’t have time to think about ghosts, witches, or Lena Alan. After nearly a month of no contact, he’s starting to think she’s forgotten about him…until she waltzes through his office door and hands him a new case.

Still reeling from his last encounter with the subversive world, MacMillian is tempted to turn it down. But this is Lena, and he can’t bring himself to tell her no. He soon finds himself drawn even deeper into the shadows, into a part of the demimonde where folklore is real and nightmares are born.

This time, there are more than just ghosts walking the streets of San Francisco.

There are monsters, too.


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