Book #3: Ghost In The Machine


Where do you turn when you’re trapped in the wrong universe?

Things at The Wayfare Hotel For Restless Spirits are never as they seem. Now, mysterious forces have made it more unpredictable than usual. Still reeling from a devastating loss, psychic medium Lena Alan is blind to the warning signs… until a freak accident rips her from her own reality and sends her hurtling through space and time.

Private detective Jesper MacMillian has his own history of loss, and is determined to help Lena through hers. Her sudden disappearance plunges him into a race against the clock and the cosmos, searching for answers everywhere he can- including places he swore he’d never go again.

Lena must find a way to stay true to who she is, even as she’s forced to confront her deepest desires and darkest fears. At the crossroads where science and magic collide, she and MacMillian will have to determine what is real…and which stars will guide the way home.




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