Prepare to kiss the world you know goodbye…

◊ ◊ ◊


Short #1: Ptolemy’s Tablet

“So. How was Egypt?”
“You wouldn’t believe me if I told you.”

Rev. Emil Stone and his bodyguard (and then some) Misha “Puzzle” Kaslov are doing what they do best: tracking down an artifact of mystical make and unknown power. Their assignment takes them to the shores of the Mediterranean, where they find themselves pitted against mercenaries, secret police…and each other.

Will they be able to complete their mission, or will their personal feelings prove too much to overcome?


Short #2: Thicker Than Water

Bad time for a party weekend…

Emil and Puzzle’s newest assignment takes them to New Orleans, Louisiana, but this is no party weekend. A vicious attack aboard a riverboat cruise has left the city in shock, and Emil and Puzzle enlist the help of their friend, Cyrus Alan, to investigate. Blood runs cold and passions run hot as a figure from Emil’s past makes a play for his affections, and faced with his own inner demons, Puzzle is blind to everything else. Little does he know there’s something far more sinister than monsters at work in The Big Easy.

By the time he realizes his mistake, it may already be too late…



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