Music For MacMillian

Every character deserves a soundtrack.


1. Romany Dagger– All Them Witches
2. White Rabbit– Jefferson Airplane
3. Phantom Limb– Alice In Chains
4. Misery Loves My Company– Three Days Grace
5. Won’t Fall Down– Steve Fister
6. This Is My Life– Firewater
7. Trouble Ahead– Andrei Dinescu & Ion
8. World I Used To Know– Ryan Star
9. Didn’t Know Yet What I’d Know When I Was Bleeding– Dax Riggs
10. Fell On Black Days– Soundgarden
11. Let You Be– Firewater
12. Ghosts– On An On
13. Stand By Me– Ki:Theory
14. You’re The One That I Want– Lo-Fang
15. Work Song– Hozier
16. Take On Me– Aqualung
17. From Afar– Vance Joy
18. We Might Fall– Ryan Star
19. Bloodstream– Stateless
20. Mess Is Mine– Vance Joy
21. Resolution– Matt Corby
22. Find A Way– SafetySuit
23. Stand Up– All That Remains
24. I See Monsters– Ryan Adams
25. In a Week– Hozier, Karen Cowley
26. Lucky Man– Sean Hayes
27. Man in the Box– Alice In Chains
28. Look At You– Screaming Trees
29. Hero– Family of the Year
30. Brother– Matt Corby
31. You– Keaton Henson
32. By Your Side– Matthew Mayfield
33. Simple Man– Jason Manns, Jenson Ackles
34. Perfect– Ed Sheeran
35. Song That I Heard– The Barr Brothers
36. Dark Days Indeed– Firewater
37. Darkening Sky– Peter Bradley Adams
38. Bad Moon Rising– Mourning Ritual, Peter Dreiman
39. Looking for You– The Lone Bellow
40. One Minute More– Capital Cities, Sebu Simonian

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