I just write about them.

L.J.K. Oliva

L.J.K. Oliva – Laura, as she’s known in real life – has loved stories since before she could hold a pen. As a child, she spent hours in her room acting out tales of adventure, drama, and true love with her long-suffering Barbie dolls (several of whom were later nominated for Oscars).

Laura soon realized she could put her beloved stories on paper, and her world opened up. Writing remained an obsession throughout her childhood and young adult years, but it wasn’t until later that one of her stories actually got finished. That story, All That Glitters, combined her love of adventure, rugged characters, and yes, epic romance.

Office Selfie!

While Laura loves a good love story, she also has a soft spot for magic. She spent the parts of her childhood not taken up by books in the creek near her house, looking for faeries. She never found any, but thinks that’s probably because they were better at hiding than she was at searching for them. She’s still waiting for one to slip up.

 Occasionally, Laura steps back from the writing desk to pursue other interests. Chief among them are hiking, gardening, cooking, and -most recently- longsword fencing. She is fascinated by history (especially World War I and World War II), earth and environmental science, geology, and astronomy. She enjoys studying these things independently in her spare time.

Armory at Laura’s longsword fencing school

Laura currently lives in California’s San Francisco Bay Area, where the constant buzz of Silicon Valley keeps her on her toes. San Francisco is never more than a car ride away, and Laura visits as often as she can.

Each time, she discovers a little more magic.


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