Book #1: Ptolemy’s Tablet


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An arcane Minister. A modern Knight. A world of secrets and shadows.

Rev. Emil Stone is a curator of knowledge. Misha “Puzzle” Kaslov is a knight. For centuries, their organizations have worked side-by-side toward a common goal: to preserve the line between magical and mundane, and guard the secrets of a world most humans will never understand.

Their latest assignment takes them to the shores of the Mediterranean, where they must secure an artifact of mystical make and unknown power. But subversive affairs are rarely simple. Emil and Puzzle find themselves pitted against mercenaries, secret police… and each other.

The strains of their task and the murky nature of their partnership push both men to their limits. Will they be able to complete their mission, or will personal demons prove too much to overcome?

This is a companion novella to A World Apart (Shades Below, #1), but can also be read as a standalone.


“I need more Emil and Puzzle…now.” – Madhuri Blaylock, The Keeper Series

“Misha and Emil’s adventure is both riveting and at times heart wrenching.” – Amazon reviewer

“…action, mystery, passion, and betrayal. All wrapped up into one deliciously well written novella!”– Paranormal Romance Authors That Rock



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