Reading Order

Novels, in-between novels, companion novellas…wondering what to read, when?

Below is a list of all books, novellas, and companion material currently available in the Shades Below series, listed in the order in which they “should” be read.
Obviously, this guide is only a suggestion, but if you’re interested in getting the full SB experience, this is the way to go!


A World Apart
Shades Below: Book #1

Ptolemy’s Tablet
Shades Below Shorts: Short #1

Season Of The Witch
Shades Below: Book #1.5

The Devil’s Disease
Shades Below: Book #2

Thicker Than Water
Shades Below Shorts: Short #2

If You Were My Vampire
Shades Below: Book #2.5

Ghost In The Machine
Shades Below: Book #3

Coming Soon:
The Patient Dervish
Shades Below Shorts: Short #3

Coming Soon:
Hellhound At The Gate
Shades Below: Book #3.5


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