Reading Order

Novels, in-between novels, companion novellas…wondering what to read, when?

Below is a list of all books, novellas, and companion material currently available in the Shades Below series, listed in the order in which they “should” be read.
If you’re interested in getting the full SB experience, this is the way to go!


A World Apart
Shades Below – Book #1

Ptolemy’s Tablet
Shades Below Shorts – Short #1

Season Of The Witch
Shades Below: Shadowlines – Book #1

The Devil’s Disease
Shades Below – Book #2

Thicker Than Water
Shades Below Shorts – Short #2

If You Were My Vampire
Shades Below: Shadowlines – Book #2

Ghost In The Machine
Shades Below – Book #3

Coming Soon:
The Patient Dervish
Shades Below Shorts – Short #3

Coming Soon:
Hellhound At The Gate
Shades Below: Shadowlines – Book #3


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