Season Of The Witch: TEASER #0.2

  Georgia blushed. Actually blushed. Darius could only stare while she rushed through the rest of the spell.  He barely heard her, his full attention locked on her face.  Her sharp, wild, adorably pink face.  Georgia Clare—biker, black witch, all-around badass—was blushing at a little skin-to-skin contact. The urge to touch her back crashed overContinue reading “Season Of The Witch: TEASER #0.2”

A World Apart Blog Tour Links Roundup

Phew! A World Apart’s whirlwind blog tour has finally drawn to a close.  It’s been a rollicking few weeks, and an absolute blast.  Roxanne Rhoads and Bewitching Blog Tours did right by me every step of the way.  If you’re an author with a paranormal romance or fantasy to promote, I highly recommend this company! InContinue reading “A World Apart Blog Tour Links Roundup”

REPOST – Season Of The Witch (Shades Below, #1.5): TEASER #0.1

(Originally posted 3.25.15) The next book in Shades Below is officially underway! Here’s a peek, then off to the writing cave for me… It was not accustomed to being summoned. The night began like any other, not that it normally had much use for mundane notions of time. All nights bled together in the darkContinue reading “REPOST – Season Of The Witch (Shades Below, #1.5): TEASER #0.1”