Season Of The Witch: TEASER #0.6 (AKA “Sex For Days”)

Remember that one time I sat down with Darius deCompostela for a heart-to-heart?  No?

It was during the blog tour for A World Apart, and I may or may not have used bribery to get him to talk to me:

† † †

DdC: What’s in it for me?

I groan.

LJKO: Shrimp dumplings aren’t enough?

He gives me a deadpan look.

DdC: Please. I may be easy, but I’m not cheap.

I know for a fact he is neither easy nor cheap. I groan again. My list of questions is burning a hole in my pocket. At this rate, we’ll never get to them.

Darius arches an eyebrow.

I blow out a breath.

LJKO: Fine. What if I give you a really, really hot sex scene in your book?

His other eyebrow goes up.

DdC: You serious?

LJKO: I’m a writer. We never joke about such things.

† † †

Soooo…that happened (you can read the entire thing here).  Now, you know I’m not one to brag.  But I just finished that scene.  And it’s pretty goddamn hot, if I do say so myself.

Obviously, I have to share some of it with you.



† † †

“If you know the moon’s phases that well, you must know their magical applications, too.”

Georgia’s pulse started to thrum.  “Of course.”

“So?”  His voice sounded closer.  “What kind of magic might someone work during a waxing gibbous?”

“Different kinds.”  Georgia forced herself to breathe evenly.  “People use it to help assess their goals.  Refine them.”  She flicked her tongue over her lips.  “It’s good for positive magic.  You know, to draw things to you.”

“Like what?”  He had definitely moved closer.  She could feel his heat behind her.

Georgia shivered.  “Lots of things.”


“No.”  She shook her head.  Her belly felt strangely light.

He slid one finger through her hair.  Georgia jumped a little, but didn’t try to stop him.  Darius didn’t speak, merely hooked the collar of her robe and slowly bared her neck, her collarbone.  “What kinds of things?”

Georgia swallowed hard.  “Money is always popular.”

Darius’s hmm vibrated over her skin.  His finger dusted the sensitive spot where her neck met her shoulder.  “What else?”

“Health.”  Georgia barely recognized her own voice.  “Positive affirmations are particularly effective.”

Darius’s presence warmed her back.  She felt him lean down.  His breath tickled her neck.  “What else?”

He didn’t say what he wanted, but then, he didn’t have to.  She wanted the same thing.  Georgia turned, and pressed her lips to his.

It was like he’d been waiting for her to make the first move.  His thumb pressed her chin.  Her lips parted, and his tongue slipped into her mouth.  Georgia groaned.  The taste of him did something to her brain.  Made her forget herself, the world, the bullshit.  When they were like this, everything felt simple.

God, she wanted simple.



Season Of The Witch is coming soon! Meanwhile, pop over and add it to your Goodreads TBR list now!


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