A Sense Of Place: Fort Mason

Originally posted on Writing In The Night (June 27, 2014) Those who know me know I value my day trips. Writing is a solitary business. Most of my time is spent at a desk, swigging cold coffee and tossing back Ibuprofen to combat lower back pain. What can I say? It ain’t always sexy, folks.Continue reading “A Sense Of Place: Fort Mason”

A Sense Of Place: Warm Water Cove

Originally posted on Writing In The Night (December 11, 2013) “Ogling ruins is a way of meditating on our own inevitable deaths… A humbling reminder that, yes, it all does return to dust…”  -David Byrne, JOURNAL 3.26.06 There’s a lot to be said for city planning. It started with the ancient Romans, the first civilizationContinue reading “A Sense Of Place: Warm Water Cove”

A Sense Of Place: The Columbarium

Originally posted on Urban Fantasy Investigations (October 30, 2015) The stern neoclassical building looked distinctly out of place in the pastel-hued residential neighborhood. It sat in all its somber glory at the end of a small cul-de-sac, surrounded by neatly-trimmed hedges and small, geometric patches of grass. Purple-leaved trees shaded a small parking area justContinue reading “A Sense Of Place: The Columbarium”