Book #4: Graveyard Shift



In San Francisco, the shadows have a dark side…

Lena Alan doesn’t have time for monsters.

Haunted by her experiences in the quantum elevator, she’s still coming to terms with what she saw… and who she had to become. When a young woman is killed outside the city’s most infamous subversive club, Lena realizes she can’t avoid monsters anymore. In fact, one of them needs her help.

Jesper MacMillian knew his landlords weren’t all they appeared.

His suspicions are confirmed when a young woman is murdered practically on his doorstep. One of Babylon’s owners, Daniel Zerubbabel, is ready to fess up to the crime. At the request of his business partner, MacMillian and Lena take the case.

But there’s more going on than either of them realize. Daniel has a secret: the kind that comes with teeth and claws. Lena and MacMillian’s investigation takes them deep into San Francisco’s dangerous and violent werewolf scene, considered extreme even by Demimonde standards.

As they venture into the city’s darkest shadows, they come to see their partnership – and each other – in a whole new light.




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