In San Francisco, some secrets have claws…

Lena & MacMillian are back!

A young woman is killed in a wolf attack outside Babylon, and Lena and MacMillian are on the case. Their investigation takes them deep into San Francisco’s dangerous and violent werewolf scene, considered extreme even by Demimonde standards.

In the city’s darkest shadows, Lena and MacMillian push their partnership to the brink… and make a choice that will change it forever.

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Step into the shadows…

After a childhood filled with ghosts and shadows, Lena and Cyrus Alan are ready to hit the streets as paranormal investigators. Their first case takes them to the historic Flood Building, where they meet the victim of an unsolved homicide.

All he wants is justice. To help him find it, Lena and Cyrus will have to solve his murder… ninety years in the past.

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Take A Stand.

In my books, bodily autonomy rules, love always wins, and race is only skin deep.

Below is a list of organizations working to ensure those things remain true in the real world, too.

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