Shades Below Series

Magic meets mundane…

SBMagnet A-World-Apart-original SB2.0DDCover7 SB3.0GMCover7 SB4.0GSCoverPreview

Shadowlines Series

Go where the darkness is hiding…

SB1.5SWCover4 SB2.5MVCover3 e0112e76a4fb3470389cd672cf0acc4d

Shadownotes Series

A world of secrets and shadows…

SBS0Cover1 SBS1Cover6 SBS2Cover4 SBS3Cover3SBS4CoverPreview

Holiday Spectaculars

Spend the holidays in San Francisco…

SBHoliday2019 SBHoliday2020 SBHoliday2021

Reading Order

Miss a book? New to the ShadowVerse?

Here’s what to read, when.

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