IT LIVES – If You Were My Vampire Is Live!

You heard it: the next book in the Shades Below series has landed! Here’s a taste of what’s in store… Sometimes, your life begins the day you die… Asher Evans is a man haunted by history. Turned vampire in the concentration camp that claimed his family, he has never recovered from the loss of hisContinue reading “IT LIVES – If You Were My Vampire Is Live!”

Shades Below #2 Is Here!

It’s live. It’s fabulous. It’s everything you didn’t know you were waiting for. Lena Alan and Jesper MacMillian are back in The Devil’s Disease (Shades Below, #2)! EXCERPT “Say what you will about us, Mr. MacMillian, but every human you saw tonight was here of their own free will.” Lynch watched the people still trickling past. Continue reading “Shades Below #2 Is Here!”

It’s Witching Season, Bitches

Happy Launch Day! In honor of my new book’s birthday, I thought I’d post the prologue for you guys to read.  That’s right. The whole thing.  🙂 Happy reading! † † †  Before  † † †   It was not accustomed to being summoned. The night began like any other, not that it normally hadContinue reading “It’s Witching Season, Bitches”

REPOST – Cover Reveal: Sled Dogs, by Kendall Bailey

(Originally posted 3.7.15) Since I started this game, I’ve been fortunate to meet some really amazing, friendly, and supportive authors. Kendall Bailey is one of those folks. We hit it off right away. It’s a tough reality that we can’t always do everything for our fellow writers that we would like. Happily, Kendall’s and myContinue reading “REPOST – Cover Reveal: Sled Dogs, by Kendall Bailey”

REPOST – Cover Reveal: Twisted Redemption, by Alexandra Webb

(Originally posted 7.14.14) It’s a marvelous day for a Cover Reveal! Book Two of the Ever After Series is coming out this week- THIS WEEK, people! In case you are new to this erotic romance fairytale series from Ellora’s Cave, let me give you the rub (no, not that kind of rub): The Gateway ArchContinue reading “REPOST – Cover Reveal: Twisted Redemption, by Alexandra Webb”