The Devil’s Disease Blog Tour Links Roundup

Another fun run! I’m posting this links roundup pretty late (my bad), but it’s been fun to take a peek back at the awesome blog tour for The Devil’s Disease (Shades Below, #2). Like the tours for A World Apart and Season Of The Witch, this tour was organized and run by Roxanne Rhoads ofContinue reading “The Devil’s Disease Blog Tour Links Roundup”

Shades Below #2 Is Here!

It’s live. It’s fabulous. It’s everything you didn’t know you were waiting for. Lena Alan and Jesper MacMillian are back in The Devil’s Disease (Shades Below, #2)! EXCERPT “Say what you will about us, Mr. MacMillian, but every human you saw tonight was here of their own free will.” Lynch watched the people still trickling past. Continue reading “Shades Below #2 Is Here!”

The Devil’s Disease: TEASER #3

Lena looked back at Durbin.  “Who is that?” He shook his head, and moved up to stand beside her.  “You’d better let me handle this.” The woman reached them.  “Would one of you like to tell me just how you got on my crime scene?” Durbin cleared his throat.  “Apologies, Inspector.  We’re not trying toContinue reading “The Devil’s Disease: TEASER #3”

The Devil’s Disease, TEASER #2

The Wayfare Hotel for Restless Spirits was every bit as spooky as he remembered. MacMillian wedged his dark green Plymouth Fury into a spot alongside The Panhandle, and stared across the street at the vast old Victorian.  Was it him, or had it expanded since he’d last been here?  That was impossible, of course.  EvenContinue reading “The Devil’s Disease, TEASER #2”

The Devil’s Disease: TEASER #1

Night was never dark enough in the city. There was a single window in the small room he shared with the others. Unnatural orange light spilled through the single-paned glass. He could practically feel it, the individual particles screaming in his head like members of a discordant orchestra. The street outside was quiet, but heContinue reading “The Devil’s Disease: TEASER #1”

January, 2016

Welcome to my first-ever monthly update! Thanks for reading! I don’t know about you guys, but the holidays are always a little crazy in my house.  This year proved crazier than usual.  DS, in an attempt to recreate preschool conditions during winter break, did all the things four-year-old boys do best.  DH valiantly battled holiday conditionsContinue reading “January, 2016”

#ShadesBelow2 Is Officially In Production!

GUYS. I just finished writing the Prologue for Shades Below #2: The Devil’s Disease! Lena and MacMillian are coming back, along with a whole mess of new, awesome cohorts!  Hopefully you’re as excited as I am!  If you are, add The Devil’s Disease on Goodreads and subscribe to my mailing list– I’ll let you know whenContinue reading “#ShadesBelow2 Is Officially In Production!”