Sunday #Poetry: Prayer To Persephone

“Poetry is truth in its Sunday clothes.” ~Joseph Roux   “Prayer to Persephone” Edna St. Vincent Millay BE to her, Persephone, All the things I might not be: Take her head upon your knee. She that was so proud and wild, Flippant, arrogant and free, She that had no need of me, Is a littleContinue reading “Sunday #Poetry: Prayer To Persephone”

Sunday #Poetry: The Kindly Rain

“Poetry is truth in its Sunday clothes.” ~Joseph Roux “The Kindly Rain” Du Fu translated by W. J. B. Fletcher THE kindly rain its proper season knows. With gentle Spring aye born in fitting hour. Along the Wind with cloaking Night it goes. Enmoistening, fine, inaudible it flows. The clouds the mountain paths in darknessContinue reading “Sunday #Poetry: The Kindly Rain”

Sunday #Poetry: Vile Spring

“Poetry is truth in its Sunday clothes.” ~Joseph Roux “Vile Spring” Pierre-Jean de Béranger translated by Wilfrid Thorley I SAW her at her window set, Myself at mine all winter through; And well we loved who’d never met, Our kisses crossed the avenue. Between the lindens bare of green The sight of her made allContinue reading “Sunday #Poetry: Vile Spring”